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Perhaps you know Or you don’t – ruthless earth Of cruel ruthless earth. Shall I give you her heart – rending news Humanity sleeps here with an empty stomach Will ever any sweet dream come for them? They cry! But their wailing becomes a Whining sound of a vile toad And sound is not audible […]

“Where is peace?”

I want to forget you Forget every pale reminisce I can disregard all But cannot stop thinking about you Still I am in search of peace Which is like a distant mirage? Always fleeting in an endless desert I looked at the canopy of sky, Vast meadows, shady bowers To the endless horizons looking The light […]

Shadow of life

Shadow of life Every icon has a shadow My living entity dwells with A shadow, inseparable and always from Shadowing its original image. I want to cross the Alps, Reach the peak of the Himalaya Holds a pious hope to Indulge in vision and revisions To model and remodel The world for regeneration And a […]

Malaysian Airport in Cox’s Bazar

Few days back, Syed Manzoorul Islam, Professor Department of English, University of Dhaka, came to Cox’s Bazar and rambled to marine drive for tête-à-tête. During the journey, our man on wheel pointed to a place and charismatically said “it is Malaysian airport”. “People board for their Malaysian flight from here”, he added. I stopped chuckling but […]

Searching for salary or slavery

It is to be hoped that   An education system  would make the finest professionals who spectacle his brilliance to get the optimum for an organization; a very well knowledge and active professional leashes his corporation into the peak of feat, but if that professional is not passionate about his work then what will be the […]

Troubled future

Cheers for joyous SSC passed students and their guardians for their good results. A total of 13,03,331 out of 14,32,727 students passed in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations under 10 education boards this year. By breaking all the previous records 142,276 of them got the highest Grade Point Average (GPA-5) in both […]


A few days ago, a vibe has been gone viral on social media sites that an Indian movie named Gunday has distorted our liberation war history. Young cohorts literally declared a web war. Situation turns sour in that Yash raj films the producer; formally stated apology in their official page. This particular incident shows what […]

World cup Fever blows Bangladesh

Football or soccer, as is it called in some parts of the world, is undoubtedly the greatest game mankind has ever invented. The FIFA World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. Bangladesh is one rare country where during the World Cup people actively identify with and support a country that they […]