Searching for salary or slavery

It is to be hoped that   An education system  would make the finest professionals who spectacle his brilliance to get the optimum for an organization; a very well knowledge and active professional leashes his corporation into the peak of feat, but if that professional is not passionate about his work then what will be the consequence, would he can be best then or if he performs a job that does not  arise slightest interest to them  then how long that tasteless food will make his intestinal blissful .So what our present education system harvests: A best or mediocre professionals?

“Choose a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life”; this popular saying is very rarely followed by our job pursuers because Money is a great driving force in our life; in these world money decorates life. It’s such an emblem that shows you have a status in your life. Without money society  classified you as “status less”.  So, we have buried our passion for money; we are leaning to salary and accepted slavery to run our livelihood. Let’s say that you are really good at cooking and You simply adore making dishes, choosing the perfect glaze, and seeing the final product of what you make—but the pay is less than what you would like to live on.  Other hand; you are a top grade holder at accounting and have the opportunity to take a post at some bank and the pay is phenomenal! But here’s the catch, accounting bores you to tears. So, which job do you take? Do you choose money or fun? Be honest..?

Last year-Google, the most popular web search engine, has recruited 14 percent employee who does not have any formal university education, they termed that most of the good graders lacks “intellectual humility without passion for their job”, later Yahoo also trails the same path; so why without university degree students surpass the student who have fancy degree; not in all cases, but why it happens?  Let dig it down. See, when the work of your hands is an expression of your heart, and then you’re least likely to compromise upon your integrity.  You have very less chance to compromise the work that you adore.

Our education system is career leaning.  In our country; rarely people talk about the number of research papers that got published from a particular institute. Rather focusing on the starting salaries and benefits a fresh graduate could manage by taking a specific degree from a particular institution.  We gleefully utter “oh! That institution degree ensures most highly paid job”.  We are way behind when it comes to innovations and modern inventions.  Most times we don’t understand the real purpose of learning – how it’s going to shake us and the people around us, how it will sway the existing knowledge. We tend to learn the things just for the sake of getting a good grade and worthy job. Cramming text books for exams will never have a value addition, yet no one seems to be concerned about it.

Though our education system is career oriented it does not focus on whether the student has learnt something out of it or not. This system is such that students have to mug-up formulas and laws only with the intention of passing out with society acclaimed grade.  The way we define our learning has a huge impact on what we shall become in future .After secondary education, a lot of scopes have been available from where students can select stream of their own choice.

It becomes increasingly important in today’s context where new career opportunities are emerging that  never existed before, but  our students rarely think about their interests, and even if they think, they often lack courage to pursue their interests; Because of society or status issue or fear of parents disapproval.  However, our society also does not motivate students to choose alternative careers. Most of the students opt for the degrees like Engineering, MBA, or Medicine. Most of the students who take admissions for these degrees are only here because their parents want them to be here. So many of them have to face failure.  The education system is not comprehensive enough to polish the hidden talent and motivate students to do something on their own. It is sometimes just about forcing student to follow the path which does not lead to their terminus, but lead them to be mediocrity.

It’s all right that parents care for their children, it’s all right they expect a well-paid job for their children, however it’s not a good idea to tag your child a specific job without having right information and without checking the suitability of child for that particular job. They might get a decent job, but in the long run it may also lead to dissatisfaction. Weighing everyone on a same scale is not a good method at all. We should always appreciate their efforts and guide them to take a job that suits them.

So it is the time to adopt few changes to our current education system such as making our education system learning oriented and not career oriented .Increasing the number of scholarships given to motivate children who pursue careers of their choices and who are ready to work hard. Providing free counseling to students after they finish secondary education to allow them to decide which stream they want to choose, and Organizing counseling sessions for parents as well so that they do not force their children. Looking at the current situation, it is a time for take a bold step of doing “Do what you love” rather simply following the society created dogma because when your work seem to you as encumbrance that hurts you silently then it must be a fresh form of slavery; what we can be called as mental slavery.

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